Learn how to better organize your thoughts, effectively synthesize information, and become more persuasive.

Information comes at all of us today tangled up with opinion and conflict. The number of inputs we’re all encountering everyday causes mental fatigue and taxes our BS detectors. Much of social media is a dumpster for narcissism, confusion, and conformation bias, nihilism, censorship, increasing dependence, and endless (and pointless) discord. All while sucking more and more of our time.

We struggle to optimize our outputs because we don’t properly manage our inputs.

We need to be better navigators of these increasingly complex and dysfunctional communications and information arenas.

This means understanding how to:

I’m offering you a solution, but it’s not simply about having the tools win debates in person or (if you’re a crazy person) on the internet.

Consider that a side benefit.

The Ideas Into Action Summit: A Three-Day Online Conference On Developing Better Research and Presentation Skills

The School Sucks Project has spent a decade showcasing the results of expert research skills, through our content and our guests. People you know, like, and trust like Tom Woods, Richard Grove, Steve Patterson and Professor CJ.

Oh wait, you don’t have a spare decade to go through it all and extract the most valuable information?

I certainly understand. That’s why I created this three-day virtual summit to condense a decade of lessons into one inspiring, insightful, and interactive event.

I went into Un-iversity hoping for some insight into how to go from information consumption to media creation. Not only did it deliver… It delivered a myriad of methods by which to collect, organize, and produce. It made me realize there’s more than one way to bake a cake. I’d highly recommend purchasing this to anyone interested in moving from consumer to producer.

– Tony Reurink, Ideas Into Action Summit Attendee

What You’re Going To Learn:

Session One: How To Organize Your Thoughts More Effectively

“The Mindset and Method of Curiosity”

Steve Patterson

Host of Patterson In Pursuit, Author of Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge

◙ HOW to set up a standard of evaluation for competing viewpoints
◙ WHAT are the standards for discovering bad arguments
◙ HOW to defend your ideas against attack (and to change them if necessary)
◙ HOW to navigate arenas dominated by bad ideas (academia, etc…)

“Solving Input Overload and Building A Second Brain”

Moritz Bierling

Former Director of Research at Exosphere

◙ HOW to understand and outgrow the “feudal system of the internet”
◙ HOW to achieve greater consciousness, autonomy, and ownership in your online experience
◙ HOW to “build a second brain” as a filtration system for social media’s “hose of toxic sludge”
◙ HOW to build your third brain (extension to social space) and your fourth brain (organization that serves a shared need)

“How to Read A Book and Anything Else Most Effectively”

Scott Hambrick

Founder of Online Great Books, Starting Strength Coach, Host of the Barbell Logic Podcast

◙ HOW to know you’re reading actively (4 questions to keep in mind)
◙ WHY most books can be “read” in about 25 minutes
◙ HOW to be an analytical reader (through 4 stages)
◙ WHAT is a criteria to follow if you want to be taken seriously as a critic

“Set Yourself Up For Success With Any New Learning Pursuit”

Zak Slayback

Author of How to Get Ahead (McGraw-Hill, 2019), Venture Capitalist at 1517 Fund

◙ HOW to succeed in a new learning pursuit with Zak’s Result-Orient-Keep method
◙ HOW to set goals for a new learning pursuit (result)
◙ HOW you best orient yourself towards that outcome (orient)
◙ HOW you keep yourself focused on that outcome (keep)

Session Two: How to Gather the Best Evidence and Information

“Behind the Scenes of Building A Life-Changing Information Product”

Richard Grove

Forensic Historian; Director of The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend With John Taylor Gatto; Creator of TragedyandHope.com

◙ WHAT steps to follow in creating an information product
◙ HOW to get people to want what they need
◙ WHERE to start if you’ve never created or published anything

“From Creating Satire to Prepping For Debates: Behind the Scenes of Jay’s Analysis”

Jay Dyer

Author of Esoteric Hollywood, Creator of Jay’s Analysis

◙ WHAT is Jay’s strategy for growing his audience and HOW can you apply it to your own persuasive pursuits?
◙ WHY to lead with humor and personality if you want to challenge peoples’ worldview
◙ HOW Jay casts a wide net; building audience trust with entertaining subjects and funneling them towards more challenging ones
◙ HOW to avoid getting labeled and dismissed

“Integrity In Historical Research”

Kevin Cole

Author and Researcher for Tragedy and Hope and Unity of the Polis, Producer and Researcher for The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend With John Taylor Gatto

◙ HOW to budget your time and resources for undertaking research
◙ WHY context is key in evaluating people, institutions and events from the past
◙ HOW to Source your Resources (understand the full spectrum of information options available to you)
◙ WHY and HOW to identify your own biases about the subject matter and HOW to set them aside

“How To Do Research Like a “Guerrilla Scholar-Warrior”

Professor CJ

History Professor, creator and host of Dangerous History Podcast

◙ WHY resourcefulness is more important than access to resources
◙ HOW CJ applies input-process-output to historical research
◙ WHAT are the three distinct levels of knowledge? Fact, truth and meaning
◙ HOW to find the right balance between education and entertainment in storytelling

Session Three: Make Powerful Presentations To Change Hearts and Minds

“How to Sell An Idea to the People You Want to Influence (in 10 Steps)”

Kevin Geary

Entrepreneur and business coach, Founder at DigitalAmbition.co

◙ HOW to eliminate friction in the embrace of your message
◙ HOW to clarify a “new reality” for people
◙ HOW to inspire action in people want to persuade
◙ HOW to anticipate and crush objections to your idea

“Building the Confidence To Present to Large Public Forums”

Michael Malice

Author of Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il and The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics (forthcoming); celebrity ghost writer, host of YOUR WELCOME and Night Shade

◙ HOW narrative emerges from research
◙ HOW to deal with mid-wits (Michael’s approach to Twitter)
◙ WHY you should make “bite-sized” goals
◙ HOW to write a shitty first draft and WHY that’s okay

“Persuasive Speaking: The Reward of Effective Research”

Tom Woods

best-selling author, host of The Tom Woods Show and Contra Krugman Podcast

◙ HOW to lock people in with stories
◙ HOW to be the one in charge of a room (not the one seeking everyone’s approval)
◙ HOW persuasion works as series of questions and answers
◙ HOW Tom recommends organizing a persuasive presentation

This is a great collection of smart, successful people revealing their methods of research and their creative processes. I feel much more capable of tackling those big, intimidating projects now, with the roadmap laid out by the presenters. No fluff here, just tons of actionable information on the research process, how to be more productive, and how to get organized so you can get your ideas out of your head, and into the world more effectively.

– Kalon G, Ideas Into Action Summit Attendee

Can we describe the whole summit in one sentence?

Sure. And in exactly one minute. Watch.

Learn how to set yourself up for success (Zak Slayback) in the pursuit of truth (Steve Patterson) with a clear and effective mind (Moritz Bierling) to gain the wisdom (Scott Hambrick) to educate and entertain (Jay Dyer) with integrity (Kevin Cole), and to improve your life (Professor CJ) and the lives of others (Richard Grove) by building the confidence (Michael Malice) to persuade (Tom Woods) and connect (Kevin Geary).

See the full table of contents for all presentations and bonus media for this summit HERE

Who is this summit for?

Motivated Life-Long Learners (who are tired of suffering fools)
  • Do you have insights you want the world to hear and understand? Do you feel a responsibility to share it?
  • Are you frustrated by the overabundance of BS you encounter online every single day?
  • Are you frustrated with your own unbalanced consumption to creation ratio?
  • Do you want to learn how better filter the noise, find a signal, and ultimately send out a meaningful signal of your own?

Then come hear from people who’ve exemplified successful ways to do this.

Self-educating teens and their parents (who want to learn more effectively)

The Ideas Into Action Summit is perfect for motivated, curious and self-directed teenagers, looking to improve their research, knowledge integration and persuasion skills.

If your child attends traditional school, the information in the summit is even more essential. Almost none of these skills are being taught there.

What an inspiring weekend! The Ideas Into Action Summit was jam-packed with actionable, thought-provoking information, put together in an easy-to-follow format, and including some of the brightest, most creative presenters I have encountered. I’m looking forward to the next summit

– Keri McClain, , Ideas Into Action Summit Attendee

Event Details and Pricing

This summit was live October 11-13, 2019. It will be encored in March 2020 over three consecutive Saturdays. If you buy the downloadable version now, you’re automatically enrolled in the encore event; in addition to enjoying the following presentations, you’ll be able to ask questions and participate in a live chat. And you’ll receive an invitation to our ongoing Discord community for this summit.

The All Access Pass Live + Downloadable

Attend the full live event, get full and permanent access to the videos and the Q&As to watch and re-watch at your convenience (plus convenient downloadable audio files of everything). PLUS outlines and supplemental resources. This includes Q&As with Scott Hambrick, Richard Grove, Brett Veinotte, Moritz Bierling, and Michael Malice.


Here’s What Other Attendees Are Saying

The summit was an outstanding compilation of helpful information for someone like myself on the pursuit of truth. I sift and sort a vast array of information and try to gain the wisdom and improve my life to propel myself forward. The presenters that Brett brought together for this event were truly amazing and I look forward to the encore event!

– Tyler Bloyer, Ideas Into Action Summit Attendee

The easy going host-guest dynamic made each presentation entertaining and captivating, as well as informative. The value contained in the Un-iversity continued to be apparent well after the weekend event had come and gone. Each speaker left the audience with real, tangible reading, researching, thinking, and writing techniques. This is not a bunch of smart people showing off their big intellects—it is a bunch of people with smart methods, imparting them to the viewer. It’s a whole buffet of useful information and practices pertaining to productivity and self-education.

– Daniel McCarthy, Ideas Into Action Summit Attendee